Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Among other things...

One of the reasons I haven't been diligent about updating this blog:
Her name is Zoey. I adopted her from the Guilford County Animal Shelter at the beginning of August. She was as skinny as a rail when she came home, but she's putting on weight and settling in quite nicely. Well, mostly nicely. The cats are still pissed. I suspect that this is because Zoey's Native American name is Barks-at-Cats.


  1. Zoey is a beauty! She's coming along nicely, you wouldn't think she'd ever been thin and malnourished. Her coat is so glossy.

  2. hey it's faerwear from ravelry - i swear i saw a dog IDENTICAL to this at the Bark Park this past week (like, Wednesday, maybe? Was it you?)

    she is GORGEOUS.

  3. @Batty, thanks so much. She's picking up weight and doing really well.

    @Dori, nope, we weren't at the Bark Park. I haven't taken Zoey there yet. I'm sure she'd love it.