11 in 2011

So I decided to join the LSG 11 in 2011 Challenge, and commit to completing 11 items this year. I don't think it'll be too difficult (she typed, with hope in her heart) until I get to the last one. It's a mutha.

1: Tofusies socks - DONE!!
2: Chameleon colorworks socks - DONE!!
3: Another Sockhead, b/c I lurv my first one so hard. Will be done in Malabrigo grape sock yarn -DONE!!
4: A new sweater for my Chihuahua
5: A pair of cabled socks - WIP
6: Death of Rats (SQUEAK.)
7: Naughty Reindeer washcloth
8: Beret in Lumpy Bumpy DONE!!
9: A Ryan hat (I love Dori’s patterns)
10: Wise old owl hat DONE !!
And because I am completely out of my @$%#$@! mind…