Sunday, July 18, 2010

At last!

Let me preface this by saying that I love quilts. I've created hundreds of them - in my head. In the real world, though...not so much. Aside from a few small wall hangings, I got nothin'. The Quilt From Hell still sits unfinished, mocking me at every opportunity. I think sometimes I hear it snickering. I began another quilt last July, and it, too, sat unfinished for a full year.

Until today. With lots of swearing (at the heat, snarly threads, my sucky math skills, too "helpful" kitties, and the ridiculous deadlines I sometimes impose upon myself), I finished the year-old beachy quilt:
What really helped with this (besides the feline supervision) was the fact that my dad no longer has a king-sized bed. I've accepted the fact that while some quilters are indeed capable of making gi-freaking-normous quilts to fit king-sized beds, I am not one of those quilters. This one is an oversized twin, which is quite bulky enough, thank you very much. It's not square, some of the rows don't quite line up, and the binding on one side is slightly wider than the other side -- but it's done, damn it! DONE!!! I feel a happy dance is warranted.

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