Saturday, January 10, 2009

My other 2009 resolutions

In addition to being determined to deal with the knitting machines this year, my other crafty resolutions are as follows:

--Try my hand at dyeing my own sock yarn. (I fear this will become as powerful an addiction as my 2006 resolution to learn to knit socks.)

--Sew at least two garments/projects per month. (My wardrobe is in a pitiful state, I really dislike shopping for clothes, and thanks to the compulsive-textile-collecting gene I inherited from my maternal grandmother, I have what can be officially designated as a "crapload" of fabric and patterns.)

--Organize my knitting/crafting supplies. (This one literally bounced off the top of my head in the form of a big bag of acrylic yarn that tumbled out of the top of my closet when I opened the door recently

--Knit up all of the sock yarn currently in my stash. (This one may require the designation of a second sock drawer in my dresser.)

--Make sure that EVERYBODY knows that if they want handmade gifts for Xmas, they gotta tell me by June 1. Not November 1, not December 10 or 15, but JUNE 1! (Two years in a row of frantic, last-minute crafting/creating is enough, thanks.)

I didn't have time this week to do any further tinkering with O U Whore out in the barn, and unless the weather warms up significantly this weekend, I'll just leave it to think about how naughty it was earlier in the week. I have fibromyalgia (it's sort of like having rheumatism in your muscles instead of your joints), and the cold/rainy weather we've had lately has left me feeling like somebody whacked me straight across the legs and shoulders with a lead pipe. I'll likely spend the weekend knitting in the house, with my dear friend, Mr. Heating P
ad, and whichever cat can get into my lap (and on top of Mr. Heating Pad, whom they all love) before the other ones do. I have yet to finish the late-Xmas-gift Colorspun socks. I'm close to finishing them, but this pair requires about ten inches of ribbing and ribbing is my least favorite part of the sock process.

Lulu Notalab's bandages were removed earlier this week, but her stitches will remain until next week. She still has to wear the collar. She's still entirely disenchanted about it, but she is coping. The vet is located in the same building as the newspaper I work for, so in order to make the going-to-the-vet process less of a downer for her, I took her into the newspaper office to say hi. My managing editor made all the appropriate sympathetic noises, which seemed to make Lulu feel a teensy bit better about the indignity of being Satellite-Dish-Headed Dog. You could almost see dialogue balloons forming over her head: "Why, yes, I am the poor, poor Lulu. No, this big, bad collar is no fun at all. Yes, I have an owie on my ear. My life sucks."

Meanwhile, to protest having been left home alone with - gasp - the cats, Gomez levitated (apparently) onto the dining room table and sucked down two bowls of cat food, as well as getting into a bag of mixed nuts. I can always tell when he has cleaned out the cat's bowls. They leave crumbs; he doesn't leave so much as a molecule.

The collar prevents Lulu from grooming herself as thoroughly as she - and I - would like her to be able to do, so she's starting to get a bit rank. She doesn't know it yet, but Stitch Removal Day will segue into Bath Day, because she is so going strai
ght into the tub as soon as she comes home from the vet. No doubt the Dog Angst will be palpable. I'll probably go ahead and bathe Gomez, too, and tick off both dogs in one fell swoop. At least they'll smell good while they're plotting to call Ingrid Newkirk at PETA to report me for being the meanest mom ever.


  1. LuLu really does have that "Oh woe is me! I am such a poor, abused dog!" look down pat. My dogs practice every time they are put in the wash tub just in case someone may happen to come by to feel sorry for them. They should know better by now.

  2. Believe it or not, she is in 2nd place for the Woe-is-me look. The hands-down winner is the Chihuahua, who, when you have food and you are not sharing, goes into this utterly pathetic, trembling, wispy-sighing, I'm-so-weak-from-starvation-that-I-can't-stand-on-all-fours routine where he curls one paw up under his chest. He also does a similar routine when the dreaded bath happens. When I give Lulu a bath, she gets so mad that she won't even look at me for more than two seconds. Just stands there with her head crammed into the corner of the tub, with the occasional baleful look over her shoulder to remind me that I am the root of all evil. :-)

  3. Oh my gosh!!!!
    We must be twins separated at birth or something!
    I love animals, I used to bring all kinds of critters home with me! And my Blue and Gold she usually spends 3 months out of a year with an E collar! Hers is specially made by collecting over exposed or old exposed xray films and cutting them! Then securing with clear packing tape as she can spot a seam and have that collar of in seconds! We have to put hers on backwards though.
    I also have a Chihuahua! He is the same color as Gomez and his name is Chico.
    As for Star Trek..........I really only loved the original series.
    What I find even more interesting is that you 'name' things. Ha! my cars always have girl names!
    Your blog is too much fun!

  4. Purl, I think we may indeed be twins somehow. I loved ST:TOS (I so wanted Mr. Spock to be my dad!), but i gotta admit that I was 496 levels of lusty hot for Picard on TNG. (Still am!)

    When you say your Blue and Gold, are you talking about a macaw?

    Glad you're enjoying the blog. I had neglected it for a while, but I'm determined not to do that anymore.