Sunday, July 6, 2008

What Happens When I Get Bored

So it's Saturday night, I am completely Twilight Zoned out from watching all the episodes I recorded during the SciFi Channel's July 4th marathon, and I found a couple packets of dye in the garage. I don't consider myself a fuchsia person, but apparently I was swayed by the fact that these dyes were on sale. They still had the sale stickers on 'em. Funny, I don't precisely recall buying them. But I know I did, as DBF would not ever in a million years buy fabric dye - especially in fuchsia. I decided to put them to use and save a couple of my favorite t-shirts, which had been getting rather dingy and, in spite of my best efforts, had a couple of ghost stains that just wouldn't come out. The sweatpants had a couple of very stubborn stains (note to self: chili hot dogs and white sweat pants are a bad combination), which I am happy to report are now completely invisible. Hopefully, my boss, who provided me with the first shirt, won't object to my getting creative with company clothing. :-)

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