Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tutorial: Make a coupon organizer from an old planner/calender

So I've been sucked in to watching that show Extreme Couponing on TLC. It's amazing to me how much money can be saved. A $700 grocery bill reduced to $12? Hell yeah! The trade off, though, is time. Some of these people put in 60 hours a week scouring sales flyers and the Internet for deals/coupons, arranging and sorting their huge 3-inch binders that contain eleventy billion coupons as they plan their attack on the neighborhood grocery store.

Sixty hours a week? Uh, yeah, no, not for me. I have s**t to do. Plus, there's that scary I'm-going-to-be-on-next-week's-episode-of-Hoarders: Buried Alive aspect that seems to be a common thread among many of these extreme couponer people. I think if you have 200 sticks of deodorant in your house, it's time to stop. I don't care if you're getting them for free. Stop! Sheesh.

Annnyway, while I'm intrigued by the whole extreme couponing thing, I don't see myself getting into it. We don't use a whole lot of the products that are most commonly discounted with coupons. However, I will search and clip coupons for the things we do use. My repurpose-that-envelope-my-bank-statement-came-in method of containing my coupons wasn't really doing me much good, so I decided to look around for a better way to manage these things.
Remember the pre-PDA days when we all wrote down our schedules in planners? Well, here's a way to put one of those old planners to use:

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