Saturday, August 22, 2009

Such a nice guy!!

So one of the ladies in my knitting group (we are currently trying to come up with a fabulously witty name for ourselves) is married to a cool guy named Ted. Ted likes working with wood, and he's good at it. A couple months ago, I mentioned to Ted that he could probably make some cash making niddy-noddies. For those of you who don't know what a niddy-noddy is, it is a device upon which you wind yarn to make hanks. I sent Ted an email with a link to some instructions, and really didn't think anything more of it - except that I needed to get off my butt and make my own niddy-noddy.

A few words about Ted: I always enjoy talking to him. He's an articulate, thinking guy, with a great sense of humor and loads of patience (his wife has the knitting addiction, and she also leads one of the local Red Hat groups, so it's not uncommon for him to be the only guy in a sea of ladies - and he's completely fine with that). He and his wife Brenda are very supportive of the local VFW (where I've been adopted and made an honorary member), and if I'm not mistaken, Ted was the first one to bid when we were auctioning off the shovels the VFW used during the groundbreaking ceremony for the Veterans' Memorial that the VFW is going to build at the Summerfield Community Park. I know he went home with a shovel. He's also a fan of the VFW's Brunswick stew (which is really good, I must say). Basically, Ted rocks.

Well, Ted made niddy-noddies. Adjustable niddy-noddies. Five adjustable niddy-noddies with wooden dowel pegs that slip into the holes so you can wind hanks of varying footage. He made a special one for me, with an inscription:

"Fur Alicia" in appreciation of your friendship and concern for the elderly. 2009.

and his initials. The "Fur Alicia" (you have to imagine the umlat over the U; I don't know how to achieve that with my keyboard) is a play on his wife's favorite Beethoven - Fur Elise.
I am so making this guy some soap!! I'd offer to knit something for him, but I think his wife has him pretty well supplied with knitted goods.

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  1. Oh, wow, an adjustable niddy noddy! What a guy. He definitely deserves some soap!