Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodies from my sister by another mother!

Look what the maildude brought today - a goodie box from Lorrie! Gorgeous hand-spun sock yarn (430 yards of superwash merino gorgeous goodness!), adorable stitch markers in an adorable little notions case, a cute little project bag, a 2010 Lake Superior calendar, a mesh laundry bag for delicates (such as socks knitted from hand-spun yarn), a Friendship bookmark (awww!), a magnetic note pad (seriously, how did you know the one on the fridge is almost empty???), sticky notes w/my initial, and a box of cool binder clips and animal-shaped paperclips (animal-shaped paper clips!!! Squeee!).

This stuff wasn't on the couch for 30 seconds before Stormy made a move on the yarn.

Here she is giving Bertie (off camera) the "No, bad Bertie, dis MAH YAHN
" look.

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  1. Lovely stuff! I am glad I do not have the only yarn-claiming cats.