Saturday, March 14, 2009

We really are everywhere

So I'm sitting in a hearing room at the SSA today, waiting to see if a claimant is going to show up (I'm a hearing reporter for the SSA when I'm not writing for the newspaper), and I whip out my Knit Picks socks to work on. The judge (male) looks up from his pre-hearing review of the file and his eyes light up. He praises my socks (the ones I'm knitting and the ones I'm wearing - green Swizzle yarn socks) and the progress I've made (got to knit for about 45 minutes yesterday after finishing my hearings with one judge, and waiting to start hearings with another), and proceeds to tell me that he knits. He designs his own patterns!

How cool is that? :-)

I cast on my Heart & Sole socks - again - tonight. These were the ones I had to frog to oblivion after increasing too many stitches. Although I am not even to the heels on the Knit Picks Essential Multi socks, it just feels weird to have only one pair of socks OTN. One of my knitting/crafting groups meets tomorrow, so I'll have some more time to work on socks and inch closer to my 2009 New Year's Resolution to knit up all of the sock yarn I have currently in my stash.

I was scheduled for 18 hearings this week, which is a lot, but I get paid by the hearing, so I am NOT complaining (except I will say that the new keyboards at the SSA office s*u*c*k harder than Paris Hilton). However, I was really glad to see the week end. I spent this evening curled up in front of the TV, knitting away as I watched DVRed programs I didn't have time to watch this week, while the fire roaring in the fireplace prompted Gomez, Bertie Wooster, and Stormy to happily melt into furry puddles on the hearth. Yes, the weather has snapped off cold again. Two days ago, it was nearly 80 degrees. The last time I looked at the thermometer, it was 35. Bleh.


  1. Kewl judge! Answers my question about what one wears under the robe...I sent in your recommendation yesterday, btw.

    Did you see Syne Mitchell's snow story?


  2. Thanks for the recommendation - and for the link! That was a hilarious story! Love the photos.