Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Workspace, and my solution

So here's the barn aisle workspace.
1) Pepsi - a must-have for all endeavors not requiring coffee.

2) Crap I need to sort/pitch temporarily shoved under table.

3) Two boxes of knitting mags from the '80s. I inherited these, and would like to disinherit them to someone (anyone!) ASAP.

4) Box of scraps needing sorting.

5) EIGHTEEN FEET of table space.

6) Bin containing batting and stuffing, next to which is an old mattress/box springs set I intend to gut for coils to be used i
n yard art that will likely make my neighbor, Mister Super-Groomed-Traditional-Yard-Guy, foam at the mouth.

7) Speakers for tunes (the giant black boxy things), which are also required, if only to drown out the sound of my swearing when I'm working with O U Whore, the knitting machine.

8) John Flynn frame, with the evil flannel sheet backing rolled on. Note the funky spiral action of the plaid. Argh.

9) Junky note board with - duh - notes.

10) Tool board temporarily serving dual duty as hanging rack for another WIP: bags for my knitting group.

Here is my solution for getting the backing onto the appropriate rods. I took some old electric fence wire (I knew I saved that crap for something!) and strung it from the rafters, then suspended the rod. With one person at each end of the rod, smoothing the fabric as it is rolled onto the rod, it is much easier to avoid wrinkles and stretching/bunching problems. The weight of the fabric actually helps with this process, and it's much easier to see wrinkles wanting to develop. Even with this solution, this sucker is going to look like a plaid drunkard's path on the back. I so don't care.

And, John, if I come up with that magical quilt frame that compresses a ginormous quilt down to the size of a postage stamp, I'll definitely let you know. :-)


  1. You wrote-->I inherited these, and would like to disinherit them to someone (anyone!) ASAP.

    If you're serious, I'll pay media mail postage to 14214. Just say the word ... macylewars at roadrunner dot com will get your mail to me ...

  2. Ooh, I was hoping someone would jump up and say they wanted the mags! I've emailed you.

  3. Ohh..I LOVE your studio! If only my craft room was that big! I really need to get in there and organize!