Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quilting efforts - temporarily thwarted

Mother Nature is just messing with me. I've got this deadline looming, and the weather has gone cold. Freezing! Below freezing, in fact. It was 13 degrees this morning when the household began to wake. Even with two electric heaters going full blast in the barn, it's impossible to work out there. So I'm housebound, knitting away on an afghan for my bro. Once again, my Stretch socks have been put aside to take care of deadline knitting.

All is not lost, though. The weather folks are promising warmer weather this weekend. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that they're right.

In other news, someone has volunteered to take the two boxes of knitting mags that have been cluttering up the barn! Woot! :-)


  1. It is just all relative. Around here it warmed UP to the freezing mark and we think it is downright tropical! : )

  2. It's 20 right now, so freezing would almost seem tropical. Get this: Tomorrow's forecast says mid 50s, and Saturday's says low 60s.

    North Carolina is such fun. Mother Nature totally has Disassociative Identity Disorder! We've had weather go from upper 50s one day to six inches of snow on the ground the following morning.

  3. I saw you were a sock knitting quilter who loves chocolate and animals from NC, so I just had to go back and read your earlier blogs.....I just had to laugh about your threats to burn your efforts on the grill...I've had a few of those....but your quilting arrangments in the barn looked great. Loved reading your blog, Another NC sock knitter/quilter/chocolacholic/pet lover......

  4. Hi Sue! Glad you enjoyed the blog. Lately I've been only a chocoholic animal-loving sock-knitter, because the weather (snow!) has not allowed me to quilt. It's supposed to warm up this weekend, though! Fingers crossed!!!