Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thread barf!

You know how when you go to pull from the center of a skein of yarn and sometimes you get a wad of yarn? I call this "yarn barf." Well, my sewing machine decided to barf thread today in much the same manner as I was working on the Quilt from Hell. The bobbin thread for this mother is off-white, to match the off-white (unbleached) muslin backing. (Good news on that front: Informed the Dadster tonight that flannel was not going to happen on the back of this quilt, and he's OK with that.) The top thread is black. As you can see from this photo, which is of the back of the quilt, I had a MAJOR thread barf to deal with when the top thread decided to barf all over the back of the quilt.

And here's the end result of about 20 minutes of removing said thread barf:
I guess there might be about 20 yards of dead thread there. Sigh. As for the jerkiness of the quilting pattern, it's not quite
that bad throughout the quilt. I started losing control of the frame when the stitching went nuts. I'm not following any sort of set pattern with the stitching. In fact, I think I invented this. Yes, this new quilting pattern shall henceforth be known as Drunken Shark Teeth. I was trying to go for a zig-zag type thing. In some areas, it looks decent; in others...not so much. Although the fleece on the front does a pretty good job of hiding a multitude of sins, I will never use fleece with this frame again. It's just too difficult to control, and it stretches too much.


  1. I know. Last night, I took it as a sign from the Sewing Gods that I should call it quits for the day.