Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quilt from hell update

I 86ed the flannel sheet backing. The stretch factor was just too much to fight with, and the quality of the flannel iffy (I prolly should've told my dad not to get cheap sheets to back this quilt). Opting for a sturdy muslin for the backing has made life infinitely easier, as I found some that came in 118-inch width. (Yay! Thought I was gonna have to piece a back for this thing.) I know Daddy wanted a fleece/flannel quilt, but he'll just have to hitch up his big boy undies and cope with the fact that he's getting a fleece/cotton batting/muslin quilt.

I have put the flannel sheets in Time Out, where they can think about what a pain in the backside they've been. If they decide to behave, they may be reborn in the form of patches for a flannel quilt or backing for something small and cozy. If they decide not to behave, they are destined to become dog/cat beds. This would likely make the dogs and cats happy, because they can never have too many beds. They have eight, total, scattered about the house, but of course the only good one is the one that someone else is sleeping in, and for some reason the big Shepherd mix feels compelled to try and coil herself up small enough to fit into the cat-
sized beds.

The cats streeeeetch out as long as they can and bogart the big dog bed. :-)

Mother Nature has decided to stop messing with me, at least for the tim
e being. Today's weather was in the 60s, definitely nice enough to work in the barn without freezing. Tomorrow's forecast is similar to today, and the early week forecast looks fantastic, with temps expected to be in the mid- to upper 60s. Yay again!

BTW, my suspend-the-rod-from-the-rafters idea works quite well for loading the
backing onto the quilt frame's rods. Might not be doable for someone who doesn't quilt in a barn, but it works for me. :-)

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