Monday, January 19, 2009

We're everywhere....

So tonight I went to snap photos and chat with some folks in regards to an article I'm writing about a very cool local woman who has been chosen by Pedigree pet food to receive a wonderful award for her work rescuing pugs. I know this woman, and was a very willing participant in the grand conspiracy organized by members of her rescue network. The plan was to make her think that she was meeting one or two friends for dinner, and then have lots of folks from the rescue surprise her with a cake and a check-card loaded with money for her to enjoy while she is in NYC at the posh Pedigree award thing and attend (on Pedigree's dime) the holy grail of dog shows, the Westminster.

The grand conspiracy goes off well, with lots of good food (had the baked tortellini -YUM) and chatter about everything from rescuing animals to the total coolness of being flown to NYC and put up in the oh-so-posh Waldorf Astoria on someone else's dime. After I got my photos and we were getting ready to leave, I noticed that one woman - Kim - was wearing what appeared to be a hand-knitted wrap.

So of course I had to ask if she made it. She explained that she had learned knitting over the summer while recuperating from an injury and was soon to start a Magic Loop sock knitting class at a LYS in Winston-Salem.

So of course I had to show off my knitting handiwork by whipping my foot out of my clogs (this is why I wear them) and displaying my socks (wearing the cozy Austermann Step socks today).

Instantly, we were discussing knitting needles and suppliers, and I cheered her decision to try the ML method, which is my preferred method 'cause I am just too freaking uncoordinated to mess with DPNs.

So what I thought would be an evening with folks who share my passion for animals and animal rescue ended up being an evening where the knitting came up. As I was relating this evening's events to a friend via phone tonight, he commented, "God, you people are just everywhere, aren't you?" :-)

In other news, Lulu got her stitches out (veryhappydoggie!) and I'm almost done with the green Swizzle yarn socks!


  1. Oh my goodness! Lucky, lucky lady to be off to Westminster!! I soooo envy her! Rescue is an incredibly difficult job and it is lovely to see her recognized for a job well done.

  2. In addition to rescuing pugs, this woman also breeds champs and has always dreamed of going to Westminster, so it is a wonderful thing indeed that Pedigree is sending her.

  3. Pugs are very sweet dogs. I am a coward and could not do rescue. I can't even watch animal programs as I cannot bear to see them suffer. It is the hardest part of having puppies myself - making sure they go to the right homes.
    Like you. I am like a bee to honey when it comes to knitting and dogs.

  4. You're right, Colin. Pugs are sweeties. :-) The woman I've written about was instrumental in rescuing a large batch of pugs (and some other small breed dogs) from a ghastly puppy mill situation. It just broke my heart to see these dogs whose natural sweetness and friendliness had been damaged. The good news is that she got them rehabbed and into good homes. Rescue is hard work, and there are a lot of tears involved, but it is SO worth it!

  5. Wow! That would have been the best evening! With friends, about animals, celebration and knitting!
    Nothing better in my book........well except chocolate :)