Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finally finished the Swizzle socks!

At last, these babies are done! I cast on waaaaaaaay back in September, then had to set them aside as I worked on other projects. I keep at least two or three WIP going at any given time, and I generally don't stress too much about achieving speedy completion - but I must admit that four months is a heck of a long time from start to finish. I'm glad to have them done and a set of circs free for my next project.

Today was Knitting Group day, our first for 2009. We met at Bistro 150 in Oak Ridge, where "Frenchie" (the delightful and wonderfully skilled French chef whose real name is Julien) had grilled cheese (on delicious, crusty French bread) and homemade tomato soup as the lunch special. YUM! After a while, one of the group members ordered a "Chocolate Passion," as I think it's called, to share amongst the group. It's an enormous slice of fantastic dark chocolate cake with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and confectioner's sugar dusted across the top. They really should call this thing a "Chocolate Orgasm." Seriously.

I completed the heels on my Paton's Stretch socks tonight, and am now working my way up the legs. This pair had also been set aside so that I could work on gift projects. Aside from the Never-Ending Afghan (instructions for which can be found here), I have just two projects OTN: the Stretch socks, and the Heart & Sole I began on New Year's Day. Soon it will be time to draw the yarn name for the next pair of Lottery Socks. I actually did work on the Never-Ending Afghan some tonight, and I've added "Complete Never-Ending Afghan" to my list of crafty stuff I want to get done this year.

Meanwhile, I was looking at different dog sweater patterns and found a hilarious skull and crossbones doggie sweater here. I am so very tempted to knit this for Gomez, only in bright red wool instead of black, 'cause he looks very handsome in red. :-)


  1. Nice socks! I love the way the stripe is.
    I can beat you, though, for the time it takes to complete projects. I got the cuff done on the second sock of a pair I started last November and I am just on the heel flap of the second sock that I started last March. : )

  2. Thanks. I bought it at my LYS a couple years ago. I have another skein in a different colorway, a gift from one of the ladies in my knitting group.

    If we're playing My UFO Is Older Than Yours Poker, I'll see your March socks, and raise you a 440-stitch-wide afghan (size 10.5 needles) that I began in 2005, and am just now hitting the half-done mark. :-D

  3. Attention "diabetic socks": You have been reported to Blogger for spamming my blog and attempting to steal advertising.

  4. I totally love these socks! And holey moley! I only have one real UFO and it is a bulky A** Sweater and I don't know what I was thinking when I started it!

  5. Thank, Lorrie. Maybe there should be a UFO contest to see who has the oldest or most "What the heck was I thinking????" type of UFO. :-)