Friday, November 21, 2008

Casting on with Moda Dea Vision

I cast on the first pair of Moda Dea Vision socks tonight. I've been feeling kind of lousy for the past 24 hours (unpleasant side-effects from antibiotics I'm taking for a couple of bad teeth), but I decided to go on and try to get the first pair cast on. This yarn is thicker than I first thought. I used the Magic Toe-Up cast on (link is over on the sidebar), which worked wonderfully. I'm working on size 5 US circs, which is the same size I use for Wool-Ease yarn. After knitting several pairs of socks on size 0 and size 1, these needles seem huge! This yarn has more body than Wool-Ease, so these will definitely be some thick socks - and they're going to work up quickly.

My other WIP (Patons Stretch Socks and Swizzle green) are coming along nicely, although I haven't had a great deal of time to work on them this week. I know I'll get at least two hours of knitting time Saturday, as my knitting group meets. Speaking of, one of the ladies from that group gifted me with a ball of Swizzle yarn! :-) The color is 4009-129, which is a reddish rust color shot with narrow bands of yellow, blue and pink. The green Swizzle yarn (shot with the same colors) feels rougher than this color, so I think something about the green dye affects the softness of the yarn. I doubt I'll get the chance to start the new Swizzle yarn until after the first of the year, but it's nice to have it to look forward to.

In Awww Crap news, ABC has officially cancelled "Pushing Daisies." MORONS!! I loved that show. Not only was it quirky, funny and refreshing, but the big, burly, black private detective Emerson Cod (played fantastically by Chi McBride) is a knitter! In one episode, he was muttering about not having any cases to work on, and thus no money coming in, and he said, "Daddy needs new yarn!" I howled laughing.


  1. (They say that peppermint herbal tea helps that icky feeling)

    I still haven't tried toe-up method. I'm stuck in my ways, heh.

  2. Peppermint tea does help sometimes, but it's not much of a remedy when you're taking meds every 8 hours that make you ill. Fortunately, my dentist called in a different antibiotic and I had no trouble with it. Yay!

    If cuff-down works for you, go with it! :-) I just couldn't manage to get the right fit that way. I originally started knitting socks one at a time, cuff down, but being a terribly impatient and lazy person, I quickly graduated to two at a time (even did two pair at one time on the same long circ - NEVER again!). I never quite got the perfect fit knitting cuff down, but once I switched to toe-up I've been able to achieve that.