Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm almost Opal-ed out!

I'm finally finished with my crazy yellow Opal socks. I hit a sale on Opal yarn a few months back, and picked up several skeins for about 45% of the usual price. Now, having knitted four pairs of socks and one pair of fingerless gloves from the Opal stash in three months, I'm getting just a little bored with this yarn. I finished these last night, and I have another pair in orange OTN. Once I finish those, I don't know if I'll want to look at Opal yarn for at least a year! Well - OK - I might look, but I seriously doubt I'll buy. I do like the way Opal wears, though.

Hopefully, I'll have time this afternoon/evening to cast on a couple pairs of new socks. I'm going to try knitting two pairs at once on one long circ. (Impatient - moi? Naah.) I've been dying to knit up the Sockotta and the Knit Picks Tweed, and since they're very close to one another in diameter, I think they'll both work out well on a size 1 circ.

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