Monday, September 28, 2009

I haz dyed Project 3

Taking a quick break from lunch to update with a photo of my latest dyeing project and other shenanigans. My knitting group gathered at one member's house this weekend so I could show them how to dye with Kool-Aid. Naturally, we got totally distracted with other stuff, so it turned out that only a couple of us actually got to dye (I feel badly about that, but it just gives us another excuse to get together for a dye party). But we did get to drool over Suzanne's lovely stash cabinet:

And giggle about her disastrous "I'll freshen these yarns in the dryer" monster, which I think she should mount on a canvas, varnish until it's crusty, and call it modern art:

Ted, a.k.a. Captain Awesome, Maker of Niddy-Noddies, suggested it could be used as a stole:
Oh yeah, and here's my sock yarn (Knit Picks Bare, Superwash Wool/Nylon, dyed with blue, orange and green Kool-Aid):


  1. Did you see "Because I can"

    You have got to go look at this guy's project...

  2. Lovely dye job... but I had to look away from the big tangle of sad. Oooh, the agony!

  3. I love these yarns! Beautiful! How did they knit up? Bettie :)