Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Vacation - and yarn shopping!

So I'm chillin' at Atlantic Beach (NC) with my dad, bro, nephew and DBF. Prior to leaving, I put a
call out on Ravelry, asking folks to recommend yarn/knitting shops local to Atlantic Beach/Morehead City. Peggy from The Salty Sheep responded with an invite to her shop in Swansboro. By Tuesday, the testosterone drove me out of the condo, so off I went.

It's only about 30 minutes or so to the historic section of Swansboro. The Salty Sheep is located among a lovely collection of shops right close to the water. The owner, Peggy, welcomed me right away. Fresh from a fiber show (where she got to meet Cat Bordhi!), she was putting yarns on sale to make room for all the stuff she'd ordered while at the show. Sale? Yay!

This shop is absolutely lovely. Very friendly and welcoming, and lots of yarn. I hate shops where there is so much stuff that you feel like you can't move without knocking something over. Peggy has a big yarn selection with lots of colors and weights, as well as needles, notions, etc., but the shop has a very open and airy feel.

I came away with a dye kit, and one hank each of Great Adirondack Yarn Company Silky Sock in Bahama Mama and Jitterbug in Fire. Will post yarn porn pix later.

Peggy invited me to come back for the Friday night knitting session. I'm definitely going to do that. I brought three knitting projects with me - and it's a darned good thing I did, because the first thing I did when we got down here was break one of the wooden ends on my Knit Picks circular needles. I've also hit Coastal Crafts (I think that's the name - will confirm later today), which is right here on the island, and nabbed another ball of Sockotta. I told myself that instead of buying yet another AB t-shirt or mug, I'd let my souveniers from this vacation be in yarn format. :-)

Edit: 2 of the 4 pix I originally uploaded vanished; tried to re-upload them.


  1. Got your postcard today! Boy am I envious!

  2. Yeah and all I got was a postcard with a bird shaped hole in it!!

  3. If she'd had roving, I'd have hooked you up!