Friday, April 3, 2009

Man, I've been busy - and a quick rave about Knit Picks

Given the lack of posts lately, I guess it's obvious that I've been waaay busy! I'm happy to be working so much, but it definitely cuts into one's blogging time. ;-) I pulled nearly 50 hearings in March, and have over 60 on the schedule for this month. In spite of being so busy, I have managed to keep up with my sock-knitting, working alternately on my Red Heart Heart & Sole socks and my Knit Pick's "traveling" socks (the pair I carry with me when I leave the house for any extended length of time), and I'm into the leg of the socks on both pairs. A few more inches and I'll be done.

Anticipating my next sock project, I did a blind draw from my little jar of yarns (remember, I'm doing socks by lottery this year - choosing each project by drawing a slip bearing the yarn name) and pulled the Knit Picks Essential Tweed in Plum. I've knitted with this yarn before, and find that it makes wonderfully soft, durable socks. The Plum color is just yummy, by the way. Then I went to pull the Knit Picks Size 1 (2.25 mm) circular needles I'd ordered last year. These were fresh out of the package, having been ordered as back-ups and not yet put to use, and I noticed that the cable wasn't seated in the needle. Uh oh. I couldn't get the cable to slide back into the needle, so I called the 800 number at Knit Picks. Cathy answered, and after just a minute or two of listening to me explain my problem, said she would have a new set sent out right away!

How cool is that!?!?

I have never had a problem with KP needles or yarns (I've knitted at least 10 items from different KP yarns), and I really do like their products. I have another pair of KP circs that I've been using to knit socks, and I have to say that I prefer KP circs to Addi Turbos. They're less expensive, and cords are more flexible, and everything just seems smoother. Now I like the company even more because of their great customer service and their willingness to back up their products. It's so nice to be able to call a company with a problem and not get into a big hassle about it! Yay Knit Picks!

Edit: One more thing - the sun came out today! We've had days and days of rain, which I didn't really like complaining about because we've dealt with terrible drought conditions for the past couple years, and now it seems to be over! The drought has been officially declared over as well, so I can whine a little about the rain, which encourages stupid drivers to get out and do stupid things in the lane I need to occupy. I am always astonished at the number of people I see driving around in pouring rain, wipers whipping furiously back and forth, and they don't have their lights on! And they're always driving white or gray cars, which are almost impossible to see in inclement weather anyway. These people should be glad that I have thus far declined Daddy's offer to get me a handgun. If I had one, I am about 99.8% certain that I would use it to shoot some dumbass driver long before I ever used it to defend myself. Without a gun, all I can do is make obscene gestures and yell at stupid drivers (which leads to situations like the one in which my niece, who, at the age of maybe 2.5 or 3, shouted out "Oh, nice turn signal, shithead!" whilst in the car with her grandfather, which, in turn, led to her mom calling me and saying, "Um, guess what Christine said today? Was that one of yours?").

Annnyway, the weather right now is gorgeous! No rain! Nary a drop! Sunny, breezy and warm enough to have all the windows open. I was so happy to be able to get outside that I weeded the rock garden out front - and I hate to weed! The open window policy has thrilled Stormy the kitten to no end, because she has New Air to smell. She has spent the entire afternoon going from room to room, confirming that there is New Air in each one. She has also tried to convince the birds outside to come inside, but thus far, this has not been successful.

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