Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One year old today!

Today is this blog's first birthday! Woo hoo!

Looking at my list of Done Stuff for 2008, I think it's clear that using this blog as a motivational tool has worked. I knitted a paltry 5 pairs of socks in 2007. Last year, I pretty much knitted everything that wasn't nailed down. This year may not be as productive as last, given that I'll be working more. After getting screwed out of a years' worth of work by a lazy, moronic US Government employee (don't get me started; I can go from zero to Ranty-Tanty Bitch about this in .03 seconds), I'm now back on the contractor list and w*o*r*k*i*n*g! And one of my favorite LYS is right on the way home from work! Sweeeet!


  1. Happy 1 year! Good for you! I hope that I can do it too one-stay motivated enough to keep blogging for a whole year and second to get a look at what I can accomplish in a year.