Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I hab a code

Somehow, I have managed to acquire a miserable cold. I don't know where I got it, but I would like to send it back. This has been dogging me for a few days, making me feel just lousy enough that everything I need/want to do seems to take ten times the effort. My three bestest friends on the planet right now are whoever invented MucinexD, whoever invented Puffs Plus tissues with Lotion and Vicks Vapor Rub scent, and whoever invented Celestial Seasonings Madagascar Red Rooibos tea. Even with the meds and the lotion-impregnated tissues, my head feels like one of those giant Mardi Gras parade heads (appropriate, given the date) stuffed with a blend of cotton and concrete, and my poor nose is so sore that it feels like every nerve ending is exposed. Bleh! Only the animals seem to appreciate my cold; they tend to gravitate to me when my fever spikes - especially the Chihuahua, who, of course, has no body heat of his own.

Although I feel lousy, I've managed to work on my dad's knitted lap robe (will post pix later), and even a few rounds on my neglected Stretch Socks Sunday and last night. I felt so yucky that I didn't even want to knit last night; I just made myself do it because I can't stand not having something to keep my hands busy. The weather has been too cold to even consider trying to work on the Quilt from Hell. I haven't even been out to the barn since last week. I've got to get out there and box up the knitting mags I promised to a very patient knitter in NY, so that I can ship them out to her tomorrow or the next day.

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