Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catching Up

Again, I'm guilty of neglecting my blog. I've been knitting more (always a good excuse), so at least I have something to show for my absence. I completed my auntie's socks:
I'm happy with the way they came out, and - bonus - I had enough left over to add to my Frankensock stash. I also completed the Fortimissi Colori socks:
This yarn ROCKS!!! I love the colors, the way it knits, and I'm pretty certain that these will be durable socks. I was so pleased with how this yarn knit up that I didn't even wait until they were finished before I took a photo. The two balls were different colorways, but they were so closely matched that I didn't even bother trying to alternate knitting from each ball to make identical socks. I'm happy with fraternal twins instead of identical. :-) The bad news is that this yarn has apparently been discontinued. I hate when that happens!

I'm hitting the home stretch (read: cuffs) with my toe-up Austermaan Step socks (Vulcan colorway), and I have to say I love that yarn. However, until I hit the lottery, I doubt I'll buy any more. The cheapest I've seen it is $18/ball, plus shipping. There are some less expensive yarns that have jojoba and/or aloe in them, as the Step yarn does, so I'll probably try those before I buy another ball of Step.

I'm also working on the Swizzle Yarn socks. Can't say I'm totally crazy about this yarn. It's a little boring to knit, because the solid stripes are rather broad (1 inch or just over) and the brightly colored stripes are narrow. The yarn has a rough-ish feel to it, which may or may not disappear once it's washed. Compared to the buttery softness of Step yarn, I think pretty much everything has a rough feel to it, so I may be overreacting.

Before I forget - the runaway pug from my last post here was recovered (YAY!) and is now soaking up all the loving and cuddling his foster mom can give him.

My former-foster-now-adopted kittens are growing like mad and working their way ever deeper into our hearts. Stormy's personality has really blossomed since she has been with us, and she is even learning that it is possible to snooze in my lap while I'm knitting and resist the temptation to play with the needles and the yarn. Here she is in corkscrew mode. I really wonder if this cat's spine has any bone at all. She gets into contorted positions that make me think she's just all cartilage.


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  2. We must have very similar taste in sock yarn. I love the Fortimissi socks. Way to ruin my day by saying that it is discontinued. :) I never even noticed that they weren't the same until you mentioned it. I finished a pair in the Austermann Vulcan colourway a little while ago. And your first pair of socks really do look very much like Katie's socks!

    And the kitty picture is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Hi Darcie,
    I am now totally in love with Fortimissi yarn! Check around on the net to see if you can find some. It looks to me like they stopped making the smaller balls and went with producing a larger ball from which you can get a pair of socks. I'm hoping their colors will be as vibrant as the ones in these socks.

    Glad you liked the kitty. She's a hoot. After going into spitty kitty mode approximately 874,843 times during the firs few weeks we had her, she has FINALLY got over the dogs. I've actually caught her napping cuddled up against the shepherd mix. :-)