Friday, September 5, 2008

Finished Socks & Naughty Kitties

I finally (finally!) finished my auntie's socks! My knitting time has been seriously truncated for the past few months, but I hope to get going again full steam soon. I did manage to knit a quick red/white washcloth for my auntie. Like me, she's a fan of all things red. I'm calling it compensation for having to wait so darned long for the socks.

I had started another pair of socks last weekend, but literally hit a snag after the foster kitten (Stormy) and my goofy little Bertie Wooster (yes, I caved and adopted one of my former fosters. I'm a sucker.) got hold of the knitting one night. They, of course, claim they had NOTHING to do with it, that it was all the shenanigans of the Evil Twins, those very naughty kitties who do things for which the good kitties catch the blame. Regardless of who did it, my stupidly expensive Size 1 (US) 47-inch Addi Turbos now feature lots of little kitty bite marks on the cable. The socks are OK, but the needles may be shot, and it is positively impossible to knit on those needles with all those snaggy little bite marks in the cable. I posted a plea for help on the Socknitter's list, and have received some good advice, which I will try this weekend. I also had one kind list member offer me a set of Knit Picks Size 1 needles! I hope I'll be able to salvage the needles I have, but I really appreciate the offer of the KP needles.

In other news, I found some hilarious Halloween fabric recently. I call this "Stormy the Kitten sees a dog":


  1. I just spit coffee all over my keyboard when I ready the name of that fabric! Too funny!

  2. I loved that fabric so much that I went and bought another yard of it! I'm going to make a sock knitting bag from it.